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Stratégies established in 1985, is an international data centre and facilities management software house. A team of developers works to create CadwinFM branded solutions, that support the efficient management of any real estate portfolio and property-related assets.Strategies and its network of partners support the implementation of the software, advising on stand-alone, client server or web-enabled solutions.

Based on an enterprise model, data gathering and analysis are key components of the CADWINFM product.Tailored modules for environments with highly specialised technical requirements, such as data centres, have been created to support cross-functional communication and clarity of management reporting in critical environments.An inherent understanding of real estate enables the CADWINFM product to facilitate a true understanding between the IT and FM functions.

Stratégies market-leading software development process focuses on concepts inherent in modular, event-based, and visual programming. Cadwin FM seamlessly combines a 3D/2D graphics system and Oracle databases, providing a single easy to use system with the inherent functionality of Geographical Information Systems, Facilities and IT asset data management.

The applications include space planning, network management, power management, workplace management, project and process control, reports, portal services and real-time interactivity with third party applications.

Stratégies endorses the European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency.

A world of references :

  • 900 customers in 2010,

  • 450 sites under remote maintenance,

  • 45 sites under remote assistance.