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The Visual Convergence of IT and FM.

Physical Infrastructure (Real estate and Data Centres) is a business asset like any other. Productivity must be assessed and optimised. Facilities and Data Centres Managers, who control this asset, need user-friendly tools to enhance the business processes that operate in the infrastructure arena, provide data to make effective decisions and to manage the day to day operational activities.

Strategies is a business solutions Company responsible for the development of CADWIN FM, a modular and integrated software solution.

CADWIN FM is designed to help property and Data Centres professionals, understand and manage the assets and the activities related to those assets by:


  • Creating a global understanding of the real estate assets that exist in the portfolio
  • Reducing operating costs and improving day to day management
  • Establishing a higher quality of service in relation to the property and Data Centres activities.


Accessing information through appropriate dashboards that are integrated into the organisations information system.