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Setting up monitoring reference systems becomes mandatory, in order to benefit from :

Reliable information which is the basis for an effective management process.

A single reference system:avoids duplication of datas.

Display of graphic and alphanumeric data: a database that is automatically updated and displayed as a 3D object if required to improve understanding and speed up decision making.

A decision-making tool,efficient access to the latest property-related data to anticipate activities, define and monitor budgets and costs, manage space, occupancy and equipment.


Contract negotiation: Accurate information regarding building-related activities can be mined to enable more accurate cost assessment for example for cleaning regimes, insurance premiums, tax declarations.

Efficient processes: Costs can be reduced by more effective equipment, management. With a clear understanding of location, allocation, condition and depreciation significant reductions in operating costs can be achieved.

Event management:Periodic checks on contract, lease and security survey reviews can help reduce costs and penalty notices.

Work order management:Appropriate scheduling of activities to enable optimum budget control, and monitoring and analysing failures.